Things You Need ToKnow About Immigration Marriage And Divorce

Today we are going to talk about marriage and divorce. No, it is not an article about the aboriginals or the citizens of the place. This article pays a special attention to the marriage and divorce laws of the country in reference to the immigrants. We will have a brief look at all the laws and regulations regarding the same. If you find yourself in any of the following situations, then the best person to help you out is the Family immigration lawyers.

Citizenship through marriage

When someone, a foreign resident, gets married to a US citizen or a permanent resident then they can easily apply for the process of becoming a permanent resident.

Getting to know green card

When an immigrant spouse gets married to the permanent citizen then they are provided with the green card. This is a card that proves his or her identification as a permanent citizen of the country. There are actually two types of cards that are provided to the citizens. One of them is that of the conditional green card. It is a card that is proved with two years of validity. After the period is over then the spouse can apply for the unconditional green card and that requires the signature of the other spouse too. Once the unconditional green card is provided then they can stay as a permanent resident.

Scenario of divorce

There are situations in which when the spouse gets divorced then the resident status is revoked. It happens in case the immigrant doesn’t have a green card or a conditional green card.

When to call a lawyer?

If you find yourself in a situation when you are getting married or divorced then it is better to take care of the family immigration lawyers. For finding the best lawyer, you need to visit

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