Types Of Child Custody

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Generally, Child Custody laws differ from one state to other states. But there were some rules that are equitable across jurisdictions.

Child custody happens when you and your life partner are agreed to end your relationship with divorce but you have children, child custody was also one of the aspects of the divorce agreement. Child Custody rights basically allow a parent to make important decisions on behalf of Child.

Child Custody Types:

Basically, Child Custody was classified into two categories.

  1. Physical Custody
  2. Legal Custody

Physical Custody:

When one of the parents is more responsible for children or child, taking decisions about that child or children and spending much time with that parent than the other parent refers to Physical Custody.

Sole Physical Custody also somewhat same a physical custody but the main difference between these two types was in physical custody child/children spends more time with one of the parents than the other parent but when it comes to sole physical custody the children or child lives only with one of the parents and the other parent do or don’t have visitation rights.

Legal Custody:

This type Child custody refers that which parent has the right to take decisions like education, religious, medical matters about child or children. When there were some custody issues between parents then this type of custody was being referred.

There are four subcategories in Legal Custody such as


Sole Custody:

This happens when the court awards only one of the parent has the complete custody of a child in all aspects.

Joint Custody:

When both of the parents of the child or children are awarded some of the physical and legal custody rights.

Split Custody:

When each parent has custody of at least one child then it refers to Split Custody. This was the less common type of legal custody.

Third Party Custody:

When the third member other than the parents of the child has the custody of a child then it refers to Third Party Custody. This is also the less common type of legal custody.

Child Custody Determination

The court will conclude the decision to whom Child Custody should be awarded by taking consideration of a number of factors. The important factor here is that the court takes the ultimate decision based on the interest of the child.

Child Support

Another important element of Child Custody is child support. It is the payment paid by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent for the growth of the child. Both parents have to pay towards child support when both the parents share custody of the child.

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