Preparing to Meet with Your Immigration Attorney

When you are facing tricky immigration issues or need to know your options, it is best to consult with an experienced Immigration Attorney who can advise you and guide you through the process. When you meet with your attorney for an initial consultation, you should prepare beforehand so that you can provide the attorney with all relevant details and get the most out of the consultation. Follow the tips outlined here to prepare.


  • Get your story together. Write down, in a chronological order, all the facts and events that have taken place that are relevant to your immigration situation. Be sure to include dates. This will make it much easier for the attorney to understand your case.
  • If your attorney has asked you to complete any preliminary forms before your consultation, try to fill out everything to the best of your ability. If there is anyone that could be a witness or could help with your case, make a list of their names and contact information to give to your attorney.
  • If you have worked previously with someone on an immigration matter, whether it was another attorney or a friend or relative, have their information on hand to provide to the attorney.
  • Pull together copies of all the documents that are or might be relevant to your immigration case. Doing this now will save time in the future and make the process a whole lot smoother.
  • Let the attorney know about any pending removal or deportation proceeding against you. You should bring copies of any notices relating to the proceeding with you and any other relevant documentation.
  • If you have had any previous legal issues such as arrests or convictions, make note of it so that you remember to explain it to the attorney.
  • Write down any questions you might have for the attorney about your case so that you do not forget them at the meeting.
  • Always be prepared to be truthful and honest with the attorney. Providing complete and truthful information will allow the attorney to properly advise you, and it will mitigate the risk of issues arising later on. Your communication with the attorney will remain confidential.

Immigration law can be complicated and difficult to navigate. Having an experienced and competent attorney will allow you to be informed of all your available options and give you much needed peace of mind that your case is being handled appropriately. At Kriezelman Burton & Associates, we have years of experience with immigration cases and can provide you with proficient representation.

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