India: Non Vegetarian’s Delight

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India is well known for a number of stuff and one of the very essential things is our festivity of food items tradition and also delicacies. We all love our spices along with the foods are absolutely magnificent whenever they give us that sensation of elation. Non-vegetarian foodstuff was possibly certainly not traditional to India; however there are several incredible Indian foods that you must enjoy if you happen to be a non-vegetarian

Indians are the world’s highest numbers of vegetarians. Almost 30% to 35% Indians are Vegetarians and also you will discover certain smaller communities in India which have always long been Vegetarian. The majority of Indians who consumes Non-vegetarian as well left it whilst spiritual festivals are going.  Non vegetarian restaurants in Nagpur offer an array of dishes for non veg lovers.

Often considered as a vegetarian’s paradise, India is overloaded with unbelievable range of vegetarian dishes. But do not think for a moment that you won’t get meat here; India has rich culture of non-vegetarian delicacies having top non vegetarian restaurants in Nagpur. You will get everything from the lamb and chicken preparations from up north area of India to the appetising  sea-food from the coastal parts of the Nation; almost every state, every city in India has that one non-vegetarian specialty that pulls the attention of food lovers from both home and across the globe for centuries.

For many of us good food always has to be a non vegetarian cuisine.

With so many different kinds of non-vegetarian delicacies, one can be bowled over the finger licking flavours. The Indian sub-continent is filled with unique recipes using local food of the region. Think of yourself enjoying into Laal Maas  of Rajasthan, Punjabi butter chicken, Kashmiri Rogan Josh Malabar fish curry, Mangalorian chicken curry, Goan prawns masala,  and Amritsari fish to name a few. Non vegetarian food is good for health.

Top ten famous Non vegetarian in India are:

Kashmiri Rogan Josh: This dish comes from North region of India. It is very famous dish of Kashmiri cuisine. It is an aromatic preparation. It originates from Persian Cuisine. It is absolutely mouth watering and irresistible.

Paya Soup: This famous dish originates from Hyderabad. This city has Muslim influence. It has flavours of coconut, peanut, sesame and tamarind and it is very spicy.

Keema Matar: It is a north Indian dish. It is a minced meat cooked with green peas. It goes with pulav, roti or pav.

Punjbi Chicken Tikka: It is a world famous Punjabi dish. It is tender boneless pieces of chicken. Often eaten as starter, it is a very yummy dish.

Haleem: This dish again is a Hyderabadi dish. It is a stew of meat, wheat and lentils cooked slowly. It is also known as Khichra.

Goan Prawn Curry: It is a delicacy from coastal region of India. This goes well with pao, and steamed rice. It is a comfort food and can be made in your home.

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