Is Vaping E-Cigarette Better Than Smoking For Your Oral Health?

It is no mystery that smoking cigarette is not good for your oral health or your overall body. However, there is already a blog by Falls Church Dental expert that lays out the aspects that make it a bad practice. Today, this blog is about considering the aspect of e-cigarettes and their impact on your oral health. Vaping or consumption of the e-cigarettes has emerged as a trend in the present time. From a point of view of dental health is it something that is safe? The answer is a big NO.

Understanding the difference

Before explaining how it is not good for your oral health, it is essential to establish the difference between smoking a cigarette and vaping. The traditional cigarette produces smoke while the electronic one creates vapes. However, there is no point in thinking that as it produces vape; it will turn out to be good.

What are the effects?

There is nothing good that comes out of vaping. True, there is no smoke but it still releases nicotine in your mouth. It reduces the blood flow that in turn restricts the supply of oxygen to your mouth tissues. It also decreases the flow of nutrients to your mouth.

Concerning issues

With the use of vaping, there are certain issues that can arise in your oral health. Here is a list of the most known ones.

  • Decline of gum tissue
  • Bleeding gums
  • Bad breath
  • Swelling of gums
  • Wobbly Tooth
  • Tooth loss

Of course, with early detection, the issues can be treated properly. However, the best way to deal with the issues is giving up vaping or smoking of any kind.

Visiting the expert

Be it your habit of smoking cigarette or vaping; make sure to pay a visit to your dentist daily. They will help in ensuring your oral health stays proper.

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