Most Common Questions About The Disability Discrimination Answered

As uncivilized as it may sound, the aspect of discrimination at workplace due to disability is not at all uncommon. There are many who needs the assistance of Disability Discrimination attorneys Palo Alto to deal with the discrimination they are facing in their daily life. This gives rise to some of the important questions that are often asked. Do you too have these questions in your mind? Then, here are the answers for the same.

What is the protection for short-term disability?

Under the law, you will not get full protection that is provided in case of disability discrimination. The chances of getting full protection are very less. However, if due to the injury you sustain your abilities are limited by a substantial amount that restricts one or more major life activities, then you will get protection.

What should you do when you face disability discrimination?

The first thing you need to do is file a complaint with the necessary division of your workplace. However, if that doesn’t solve any kind of issues then the best way to go through it is with the help of Disability Discrimination attorneys Palo Alto.

Is it a possibility to discuss work flexibility with the boss?

If there is any chance for reasonable accommodations then it is essential that the employee and employer have interactive processes. This does not mean that whatever the employee proposes the employer has to agree to it. However, this is a session that will help in putting forward the point of views.

Finding a good lawyer

It is essential that you make efforts to find such a lawyer who has years of experience in this area of law. They will be able to help in making sure that you get justice in terms of disable discrimination. Standing up for yourself is something you should do.

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