Are you bad at choosing accessories for your favorite dress? Choose the right one here

Choosing the right jewelry for yourself is a hard task at times, especially when you have no idea that which jewelry would suit which neckline and which dress! There are so many styles; it can be tricky to know what looks best with each style of neckline. One has to just sit down and keep imagining herself in different-different neckpieces. Due to humongous range of designs in jewelry we tend to get confused and if we talk about accessories, they are everything from your clothes, shoes, bags, belts, scarves, earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, sunglasses to your hats. These are the things that help you personalize your look. Not everyone can afford one-of-a-kind pieces. At the same time you don’t want to look like you are wearing the same mass produced stuff as everyone else. By being creative with accessories you can fashion completely new looks everytime with the same pieces of clothing. So, it is like the best choosing the right kind of jewellery to pair with your favorite dress or top isn’t always easy!

•    Turtle neck dresses

Turtle neck dresses look quite adorable and cute if worn with the right accessory. A long thread or chain necklaces along with multi-chain bracelets and beads are all great options to go with these kinds of dresses, choker necklaces are a big no to these kinds of dresses as they would not look good and the neck of the dress would not be highlighted. Since turtlenecks have a high neck they often need jewellery that will balance this out to compliment the style, so that you have something high paired with something low. So, only long chains can look good on these or even princess necklaces at times.

•    Cowl neck
Cowl neck looks very fashionable and stylish. A person wearing a cowl neck top or dress does not need much of accessories but yes, minimal jewelry would suit them. They can wear delicate long danglers or tassel earrings in order to give there outfit a charming look which they want! You can look amazing with the classy bracelet also in one hand and this would be good to go for your day to day.

•    Boat neck

Boat necks are in trend nowadays and look really classy and elegant on the wearer. With this kind of neckline you can always pick a choker and wear around your neck. So, one can opt for a choker or a princess necklace for that matter and wear along the neck which would look amazing and astounding instantly.

•    V-Shape neck

V-shape necklines look good on every girl and woman wearing a V-shape neckline can opt for a boho-style necklace. The neckline and matching necklace with the V-shape dress would go hand in hand and give you instantly and mind-boggling look! Great choices in this style are thin hanging pendants or monolithic pendants, all in the shape of an inverted triangle are also a big thumbs up.

•    Square neck

Square necklines are quite sharp and angular, it’s best that your choice of jewellery compliments this shape as well. So, you can look for minimal look. Opt for light weighted chain. Pair a cute chic style of bangle of a chain with the outfit and you are good to go, attain the diva look instantly once you wear such jewelries.

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