5 Pointers To Focus On Before Signing Your Employee Agreement Contract

Does your new employer want you to sign a contract for employment? Well, this is a serious step that you should consider after careful thinking. Here are some of the aspects you need to keep in mind before signing an employment contract. These are the suggestions from one of the top Employee Agreement Lawyers California.

Is there a security?

The first fact that you need to check out is the job security that is covered by the contract. If there is no security against wrongful termination then is there even a reason you should agree to the contract? Also, make sure to understand that you are a fixed-term or at-will employee. The protection for the at-will employees is much lesser.

Check the dates

What are the starting date and the end date of the contract? Those dates are necessary to keep in mind. However, make sure to focus and understand the termination terms. Your employment can very well be terminated before the given end date if you violate any of the termination rules. It is always advisable to get your contract checked by a renowned Employee Agreement Lawyers California to avoid unwanted situations in the future.

Benefits and compensation

What is your basic pay and what are the compensations you would receive? What are the criteria for a performance-based bonus? Is there provision for overtime pay? Make sure to go through all of these aspects in a proper manner before signing the contract.

Description of job

In simple words, what do you need to do as a part of your job? Make sure that your job title and role is properly mentioned in the contract. If not, emphasis on the same to be included.

Outside work

Is there any work that you can or cannot do outside your working hours? Understand the scope of the same.

These are some of the basics that you should keep in mind before signing your employee agreement contract.

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