Fix errors in your Outlook solve connecting issues

Outlook users use to become helpless when it cannot connect to its exchange server for emails. Users have to connect with Outlook Exchange Server to get access of their work emails. Usually you will take help from your IT admin or technical support team when you are in office. But, when you are at home or travelling then you need to learn a bit of self-troubleshooting. The following tips are easy and can be done without much IT knowledge.

Offline mode should be uncheck

The first think you should check with your Outlook account is to uncheck Offline Mode. For Microsoft Outlook 2007 or earlier you can simply click the File menu and if it’s a check mark next to Work Offline then uncheck it and you are done.

And, if you are using Outlook 2010 or higher versions then you need to follow these steps

  • Simply click on the Send/Receive tab
  • Now locate the Work Offline button
  • Then click the Offline button
  • After that at the bottom of your Outlook window, you can find Trying To Connect

Rebuild data file

The data files of Outlook are of two types: .pst and .ost but both are prone to get some error or use to get affected. This will result in connectivity problem. You can fix it by rebuilding data files. See how it works.

  • First close the Outlook
  • Now open Control Panel from the Start Menu
  • Here you need to search for Mail icon and click on it
  • Then in the next window that opens just click on Data Files button
  • Here try to find the file which has the same name as your email address
  • And now click on Open File Location
  • So if file for your account is an .ost file then you need to right click and rename the extension to .OLD. If your file is .pst then do not change anything just let them
  • Afterward close all of the open windows and after that reopen Outlook

With this trick Outlook will start rebuilding your data file. Make sure you don’t close Outlook while this process is running. After it will get complete, a message will appear saying ‘All folders are up to date’.

But if you don’t have an .ost data file rather a .pst file then you should follow these steps to run the Inbox Repair Tool

  • First open C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86) in file explorer
  • Now type scanpst.exe in the search box section
  • And then bouble click to run the application
  • Here your default .pst or .ost file already be selected but if not then find your .pst file here
  • Click Start

This Scanpst will run few scans in your data files; if there would be any error then it will ask you to repair by clicking on Repair button.

Dial Outlook support number for email password solution and other kind of issues. We are help to you.

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