Myths in Interior Designing That You Should Know About

It’s a general notion that designing the interiors of a space is nothing more than deciding combination of furniture and fabric. However, only few realise that Architects and Interior Designers have to involve in significant amount detailing to create a design sensitive space for in the inhabitants of the house.

There are many Myths / Stereotypes associated with interior Designing and we have tried to highlight some of the them :

1. Ceilings Should Be White 

Having studied the field of interior design I would recommend all those who are in the process of getting their house designed to experiment more with the ceiling design. It may not be only white. Highlight your ceiling with false ceiling made in P.O.P or even wooden battens. A well designed ceiling adds to the overall design of the room.

2. Stick to One Interior Design Style

There are several different styles that an interior designer can choose from like modern, contemporary, traditional etc. It is not necessary to stick to one single style. Merging two different styles of interior designing brings in an exclusivity to the room in question. So, next time dont shirk away from choosing modern couches against a traditionally designed fireplace.

3. Interior Designers play with furniture and fabrics

This is the most common notion that people generally hold for interior designers. An interior designs puts in much more efforts then just choosing furniture and fabrics. They analyse the space, the client’s requirements and then design a layout which offers maximum functionality as well as is design oriented. They are extensively involved in aspects such as electrical requirements, plumbing, lighting, ventilation and much more.

4. Small Bathrooms Don’t Require Much Designing 

Space can be a constraint specially when you are renovating your house and can’t change the entire layout. However, such constraints offers a challenge for the interior designers and architects. Small bathrooms need the same attention as any other corner of your house. There are a lot ways in which an interior designer can help you design maximum storage and functional utility in a small bathroom.

5. Never Go With Contrasting Colours

Free yourself from the myths about colour combinations. Contrast colours like white and black or brown and white brings in a different level of elegance and style to the space.

6. I Can Do It On My Own

Interior designers are professionals who have given considerable time and effort in studying the field of interior designing which makes have a lot more knowledge on designing than just a layman would have. If you approach a professional then without any doubt you would get a well planned and a well designed house. If you refrain from taking advice of a professional you might end up making terrible decisions which may in turn spoil your dream project.

7. Too many artistic elements and elaborate furnishing gives the room a heavy look

Intricate designs, ornate wall panelling and cornices, elaborate furnishing and rich colours have a different charm and aesthetics that will bring classic beauty and royal touch to the interiors of a building.

8. Neutral Colours Are Boring

This too falls under the category of “common myths” about interior designing. Choosing neutral does not mean that the room in question would look dull or boring. Many a times neutral colours bring in uniqueness and elegance to the entire design of the room.

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