How to change samsung printer driver on mac

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Change Samsung printer driver on mac devices with these provided steps !!

Samsung printer drivers can easily be changed on the MAC devices with the use of the steps mentioned below.The user can change the drivers if they feel that the existing driver is not working properly and because of which several printing issues are occurring.

Therefore, to change the samsung printer driver on the MAC devices these provided steps should be followed :

The users should first of all open their mac devices.

Then select on Apple menu and from there select on system preferences option.

Once this option is selected the users need to select on printers and scanners menu.

The users then are required to select their printer in the list.

After this select on remove option.

Further,select on the add option and then click on the add printer and scanner menu.

The users then have to wait for few seconds so that their printer gets appeared on the screen.

Users then can make the changes according to their wish in the driver’s settings.

Hence,the users need to follow these above mentioned steps for changing the Samsung printer drivers. On the other hand,if the users face any kind of problem regarding this then they can simply contact the samsung printer customer service and can seek the best help from the concerned executives.

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